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Generally speaking I am SUPER sick of seeing don’t drink and/or make-up and drive campaigns. However, these ones are actually pretty decent

Stop make-up, start safe drive.

Advertising Agency: Geometry Global, Kiev, Ukraine Via

Lettering by Jessica Hische for ads for California Pizza Kitchen. Draftfcb Chicago Via

From 2007: best business card ever.
Agency: FCB, Cape Town

From 2007: best business card ever.

Agency: FCB, Cape Town

(Source: adteachings)

With creative help from Paul Taylor of theneighbourhood, the thought driving the campaign is ‘Step Outside’, because that is where people live their lives, whether it’s commuting, shopping or socialising. Via

Rehydrate with nature’s sports drink.
With 5x more potassium than the leading sports drink.

Advertising Agency: FCB Manila, Philippines Via

Do what you love

Do what you love


There’s so much to love about this Haggar campaign from 2007. While the headlines are modern, the art direction and body copy read as if they came straight out of the 1960s. It’s more than a cool vintage look; it takes our minds back to a time when everyday clothes weren’t cheap and disposable, the way they are today.

Consider also the advantages of doing a headline-driven campaign when you have real information to convey. If the team had tried to make this a visually driven campaign, they would have run into trouble pretty quickly. To demonstrate the strength of the zipper, they might have shown (bad examples here) an elephant’s foot on the zipper, or they might have replaced the zipper with heavy chain. Both those things would have been gross exaggerations (so often the case in visual advertising), which would have undermined the believability of the message. A visual approach would also have made it harder to simply show the clothes, which is obviously important in any fashion ad.

I also love the tag line MAKING THINGS RIGHT. It’s a pun, yes, but it’s a good pun in that it kicks both ways (meaning, it makes sense no matter how it’s interpreted). MAKING THINGS RIGHT speaks to the quality of the clothes, of course, but it can also be read as if you are disappointed, we will do the honourable thing and correct the situation to your satisfaction. This is a good thing for any brand to say, and it’s great to see it said with such economy.

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami
Chief Creative Officer: Alex Bogusky
Creative Director: Rob Reilly
Associate Creative Director: Evan Fry
Copywriters: Evan FryBob Cianfrone
Art Director: John Parker
Photographer: Bruce Peterson

Source: Ads of the World


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