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Danish advertising agency TN Reklame has created the Dantone Guide, a guide for finding the right words Via

Generally speaking I am SUPER sick of seeing don’t drink and/or make-up and drive campaigns. However, these ones are actually pretty decent

Stop make-up, start safe drive.

Advertising Agency: Geometry Global, Kiev, Ukraine Via

Lettering by Jessica Hische for ads for California Pizza Kitchen. Draftfcb Chicago Via

From 2007: best business card ever.
Agency: FCB, Cape Town

From 2007: best business card ever.

Agency: FCB, Cape Town

(Source: adteachings)

With creative help from Paul Taylor of theneighbourhood, the thought driving the campaign is ‘Step Outside’, because that is where people live their lives, whether it’s commuting, shopping or socialising. Via

Rehydrate with nature’s sports drink.
With 5x more potassium than the leading sports drink.

Advertising Agency: FCB Manila, Philippines Via

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Do what you love


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