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"The kitchen you are imagining is in HiperCentro Corona,"

Sancho BBDO


Thai Life Insurance has unveiled another masterful mini-film by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok, the latest in a string of tear-jerking, wait-to-watch-it-at-home-so-you-don’t-openly-bawl-in-your-cubicle ads that make you think about what’s important in life and why your own life is important.

You don’t need to turn your head to see around.
360° Area View. Available for Touareg.

This campaign is very similar to the 'Around the world' advert that a posted a few months back - I think I much prefer the original than these!

Advertising Agency: DDB, Budapest, Hungary

Anonymous asked: I love your blog and the first day i found it i spent two hours on it! Studying brand communications and just want to ask you for advice to improve or inspire creativity? its so hard to come up with a good concept! Lots of love and support from South Africa :)

Thanks! ^_^ You should come off anon so I can check out your blog too

Things that inspire creativity; thats a difficult one.
- It’s important to talk to people and bounce ideas around, collaboration is a wonderful tool. Getting away from a computer screen can be useful too!
- Try to look at everyday things in a new light, for example, if you need a new texture, try scanning your cat, or a steak! 
- Keep a sketch book, even if you don’t sketch what you are working on it’s always good to keep around to look back through when you are lacking ideas. Even throwing in a random element can help to set your brain off on another creative path
- Lastly, EXPERIMENT! Happy mistakes are the greatest thing ever - I love them! Accidentally click on a different photo filter, or mix in the wrong colour paint, or drop some sauce on your dress and see a wonderful shape to use in a logo! 

I hope this helps! :)

Anyone else have things to add?

Love these! 

Purell - Kills 99% of Germs.

Art Director / Illustrator: Eric Lee Via


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